September 2019

The most recent Esgazette album is called Songs From The Alkanet . Seven songs and two instrumentals. Available to stream or buy online – we recommend Bandcamp for high quality downloads. 

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Esgazette have existed since the late ice age. Or 1981. One of the remaining relics from that time and surprisingly durable. Formed as a jamming band in post-punk London, with a variable lineup, there were later editions in Wales and Scotland. They were one of the early bands to adopt newly-available home multitrack recording which encouraged a sound largely outside prevailing fashion and a fondness for remote places.

Experimental from the beginning with no idea at all where they were heading, there are pop songs, instrumentals, not-so-pop songs, soundtrack music and possibly too much for anyone to listen to in full. Luckily, a volunteer has filtered through them. All of the available tracks date from the year 2000 onwards – these days the music is produced by founder Will Datson with guest musicians and vocalists.

Is there a typical Esgazette song? I don’t think so, they each seem to exist in a world of their own - which sounds very science fiction. And Esgazette is probably science fiction. Multiverse chorus multiverse. The world not quite how you think you know it. But then, you can listen for yourself, no need to form an opinion on your behalf.





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